The Rev. Dr. Brad Miller brings much to the table if your church or ministry is in need of a speaker or consultant:

  • Audience engagement using humor, interaction, humility, and expertise.
  • 20 years of parish experience, including: redevelopment, church construction, church-planting, and satellite-sending.
  • Intentional interim experience including: long-tenure retirement, pastoral death, financial misconduct, severe conflict, change of polity, and more.
  • Author of Church Health and Growth Primer, and What Kind of Tractor Is Your Church? , and The Servant Leader Small Catechism.
  • Missions work in: India, Iraq, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Uganda, Tanzania, New Zealand and Australia—plus USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • Developer of the Glass Cockpit church assessment tool and the new ChurchTech Fruitbearing Congregation Health Assessment.
  • Rostered in Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, but effectively and intentionally ecumenical.